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PO Box 591

Wellsville, New York  14895
Phone: (585) 596-1700

Village Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Monday - Friday

Village Wastewater Plant Study
Village Water Study
Wellsville Fire Department

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Village Officials

Mayor Randy Shayler 585-596-1750 mayorshayler@wellsvilleny.com
Clerk Wendy Seely 585-596-1754 wendyseely@wellsvilleny.com
Treasurer Earl Johnson 585-596-1759 treasurer@wellsvilleny.com
Attorney Daniel Synakowski 585-593-3170 dansynakowski@yahoo.com
Public Utilities/Billing Beth Day 585-596-1760 bethday@wellsvilleny.com
Director of Public Works William Whitfield 585-596-1700 bill_whitfield@wellsvilleny.com
Assistant DPW Director Bradley Mattison 585-596-1700 bmattison@wellsvilleny.com
Water Plant Supervisor Dana Harris 585-596-1730  
Wastewater Supervisor Mike Smith 585-596-1725  
Underground Facilities Supervisor Dan Gardner 585-596-1738
Code Enforcement Officer Jo Fenske 585-596-1755 jofenske@wellsvilleny.com
CEO Office Hours: 8:00 - 9:30 AM Monday - Friday or by appointment (call to schedule an appointment)
Street Supervisor Malcolm Gordon 585-596-1716